Wednesday, 12 August 2009

TIPS untok ~Hinzir 1 Najis 1

H1N1 symptom - flu, cough, hi fever, hardly breathe, headache, sore throat.
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Pre-caution to H1N1 - Drink fresh milk & fruits. Milk helps to clean up H1N1's atoms. - HOSPIAL SULTAN AMINAH JOHOR.

* Keeping awake late-nights is not very good. Likewise, over-working (far too much of working until your body is totally exhausted) is not good. Starving without eating food is not good for this disease. Strenuous exercises are not good, as it would make the body acidic.
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* Avoid consuming ACID foods, fruits and drinks.

* Better to eat: dragon fruit, sweet apples, honey melon, water melon, pears, bananas, cucumber, onions, pumpkin, grey 'pumpkin', loofa , Drinking coconut water (and its meat) on alternate days (during day time and not by night) is good. Coconut water can be taken daily if one is travelling around, or is enggaged in strenuous physical work.

*The fruits of Sea Coconut (Borassus flaberllifers) is EXCELLENT if a person has already contracted the disease. It will give immediate cure: white syrup or gula Melaka preparation

* If infected, one should bathe 3 or 4 times a day in cool tap water.


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